A Groovy (Insta) Gram Guide | Liv Clarke

Is your algorithm letting you down? Has your feed become stale? Well look no further than our Groovy Gram Guide, to help inject some inspiration into your life – but without the inspirational quotes.

Accidentally Wes Anderson

As the name suggests, this has everything to do with everyone’s favourite quirky director. Each post features a scene which could be straight from one of Wes Anderson’s aesthetically pleasing films; think symmetry and pastel colours galore. They also give a bit of information about every place on the page, so you learn something too.

(featured image)


Insta 2

This is all page is all about excess and dated glamour; it predominantly shares photos of interiors which make you question whether their designers had taste or not. For me it has a slightly creepy aspect to it – who lives in these rooms? What do they do? It reminds me a bit of the hotel in The Shining.

Scenic Simpsons

Insta 3

By far my favourite Instagram page out there, it shares moments from the popular TV show which you probably overlooked, but are actually little works of art in their own right. It highlights the work that goes into creating the show too; all the details which help make the show so successful.


Insta 4

Benoît Paillé’s photographs will inject some magic into you Insta feed. His use of coloured lighting transforms everyday scenes into something otherworldly. And if you follow Paillé you’ll be supporting a photographer trying to carve his name in the creative industry.


Insta 5

Artist Seo Young creates dreamy worlds where girls with pastel hair lounge about their bedrooms or drink sugary drinks against a backdrop of a starry sky. Her works are a visual feast; busy with activity you can let your mind wander for a moment as your eyes take it all in.


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