Groovy Tunes with Liv and Kiz

Here’s the latest edition of Groovy Tunes! These songs might not be the obvious choices to add to your Spotify playlist, but they’re what we’ve been listening to recently. You can read previous editions here and here.

“California Dreamin'” by The Mamas & The Papas – Kiz

Is this… summer? It feels like summer. It’s been hot for about 300 days now, all the ocean’s have dried up and the fish have had to grow legs and integrate with humans to survive. California Dreamin’ has been on repeat (in my head) for what feels like a lifetime. One winter’s day, probably not far from now (this is Manchester after all) we’ll be California dreamin’ of these sunny days.

“You Got The Love” by The XX (Florence and the Machine cover) – Liv

This song is nearly 10 years old and shockingly I only discovered it a few weeks ago. I’d just moved into my new flat; me, my  flatmate and her friend were having a few drinks while playing Jenga (Germans know how to have a good time) and this song came on. Already a cover by Florence, its arguably one her most well known songs and this remix takes it to another level. They keep her incredible vocals in the chorus but they give it this really snappy electronic beat, and the steel drums (I think that is what they are) add some contrast to the twinkling sound of the harp.

“Happy Endings” by Pulp – Kiz

Okay it’s a bit of a sad song (“This is the way that we love, Like its forever, Then live the rest of our life, Both not together”) which isn’t very 2009 summer hot hitz of me, but who can say no to Pulp? And who knows, maybe the song doesn’t have a happy ending, but endings are never really the end, are they? Summers end, but then they come back again, in a much fuller force due to global warming. Anyway, listen to the song.

“Shut Up Kiss me” by Angel Olsen – Liv

One of my good friends here in Leipzig is really into music, and I mean he’s a full on enthusiast. He listens to new albums every day, has a vast catalogue of Spotify playlists and provides the soundtrack for our bike rides round the city. One night he played me a few songs and they weren’t doing much for me, except for this one. It has a pop-rock feel to it and reminds me a lot of Blondie’s music. Plus the music video is a visual feast.

“Ooo Baby Baby” by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles – Kiz

I was standing outside Gullivers pub on Oldham Street in the centre of Manchester last night after just finishing a filming project I’d been working on for a while. From a bar a few doors down this soft, swaying sound from Smokey Robinson and The Miracles could be heard. The only lyrics I could actually make out were “Ooh Baby Baby”, so I wrote that down in the drafts of texts on my phone to google later (I’m currently living with a £10 Alcatel model, so the delights of Shazam weren’t available). It made me feel something. You know when a song does that? Like it makes you warm and cold all at once. It felt like a movie song. It’s pretty lucky for me that old Smokes and the Miracles decided to name this song “Ooh Baby Baby”, otherwise who knows how I’d have found it. But I did, so I popped it on the list. Have a listen if you wanna feel practically menopausal with temperature change.

Mystery of Love – Sufjan Stevens – Liv

This song is featured on the soundtrack of Call Me By Your Name, the film which everyone was talking about earlier this year. Its a beautiful movie, both in its visuals and in its storyline. I have mixed emotions associated with the song, I listened to it a lot when I first arrived in Germany and fell in love with it, then I saw the film and I could hear the bittersweet qualities within. I haven’t played it for a while, so now it reminds me of cold March days and the feeling of trying to settle into a new place.

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